President’s Message: A Value Proposition for PRSA Detroit

By Don Tanner, PRSA Detroit Chapter President

PRSA Detroit President Don Tanner

It is a theme brought up often by the PRSA Detroit Executive Board and at off-site meetings.  President-elect Tim Wieland and I discussed it in greater detail just prior to my remarks at our Annual Meeting in November — and we agreed:  Our Chapter’s 2016 theme will be to focus on value.  

Simple?  Maybe.  Important? Absolutely. To be sure, value is something we all must aspire to and provide in our everyday jobs as communications professionals.  Our clients and other key constituents demand and deserve it.  Our PRSA Detroit Chapter must also deliver on a similar value proposition that moves our members to pay dues, attend events and come away with important information, relationships and other intangibles that they can use in the “real world.” Otherwise, really, what’s the point?

Talk is cheap. How about action? At our post annual dinner board off-site in December we began laying the groundwork to:

  • Develop programs that dig into hot/emerging industry topics such as:
    • Measurement/ROI tools and considerations
    • Digital advertising/marketing options
  • Plan initiatives designed to cultivate new graduates and potential members such as:
    • Develop robust and tangible PRSSA connections and events
    • Underwrite/discount dues
  • Augment and interconnect how PRSA Detroit tells its own stories through a true multi-platform approach:
    • Web
    • Blogs
    • Social media
    • E-Communications

Our dedicated Board and Committee members are already making these things happen.  Stay tuned.  And, it goes without saying that your input is greatly valued.  Feel free to connect me with additional thoughts and ideas anytime at: [email protected].   Here’s looking forward to a great year.