Top Three Tips for NAIAS Success

By: Ann Marie Fortunate

As always, NAIAS is a great way to kick off the year, it brings a lot of energy not only to the agency, Franco where I work, but to the city overall.

This was the fifth year I’ve represented clients at NAIAS – which has spanned Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, to trade associations, to NASCAR racetracks.

My all-time favorite NAIAS memory has to be when Governor Rick Snyder spoke at our client’s press conference. The focus was on new safety technology and how it was going to be integrated into new vehicles. The company also made a big announcement about a new facility, which would bring new jobs to the state. PLUS I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t mention the super cool NAIAS experiences I’ve had meeting a NASCAR driver!

NAIAS 2018 was definitely an impactful year as I had three clients represented at NAIAS, each in a different capacity – from premier sponsor, The Steel Market Development with a prominent exhibit space in the concourse, to The Haartz Corporation sponsoring the EyesOn Design awards and automotiveMastermind on-site to network.

Here’s what I’ve learned over my five years on the scene.

  • It’s all about the preparation. Really understanding what the media is looking for ahead of time, so you can reach out proactively before the show, is the key. This year we were able to secure great coverage by talking with the media early and offering clients as a resource.
  • Know the trends. Mobility and Big Data are clearly growing trends in automotive so it’s important not to overlook opportunities like AutoMobili-D and other events. It all goes back to being prepared – do your research and know what trends are relevant to you/your clients.
  • Be on-the-scene. There’s no better way to stay in-the-know than to be physically at NAIAS. Being in the thick of it allows you to network with clients, journalists, potential customers and industry experts. Despite your thorough preparation (see above) it really pays off to be present and network for unforeseen but beneficial opportunities. PLUS you have the advantage of being able to live-post on social media, get content for potential blogs and be able to note industry trends for post-show content development.

What are your NAIAS tips and tricks?

Ann Marie Fortunate is an Account Manager at Franco on the automotive and B2B teams. She is a member of the Automotive Press Association (APA), International Motor Press Association (IMPA) and New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA).