PRSA Detroit’s 2018 Member Survey Results



By Andrea Conrad, PRSA Detroit Board Member and Membership Committee Chair


As a board member and active member of PRSA Detroit, I’m always asking PR professionals why they chose PRSA Detroit and how can we be better as a chapter.

We know the following on a national level:

  •  It’s PRSA’s mission to make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their careers
  • The benefits include:
  • Build relationships within an engaged community of local colleagues
  • Network and receive training at local conferences and events
  • Earn recognition through Chapter awards
  • Give back through volunteer leadership
  • Learn about business development and job opportunities in your community

But how are we doing locally at PRSA Detroit?

This year, we surveyed our members to garner feedback on current initiatives and how we can improve as a chapter.

Here are some of the results from the 69 members who took the survey:

Here are the written answers for other:

  • Webinars, conferences and workshops
  • New business leads
  • Programming that includes local and positive case studies, digital, healthcare, crisis and analytics

Overall, the feedback on PRSA Detroit programs was positive, except members want more of the following:

  • Innovative and/or national speakers
  • A variety of times and locations
  • Programming for all levels
  • Share more personal experiences and case studies
  • Programming geared toward corporate/in-house professionals and nonprofit professionals
  • More tech or skill development programs

When asked how members hear about events, email was the top response, with the website next. Others included PRSA Detroit’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages, Nancy Skidmore and colleague recommendations. Some said they have not heard of any events. If that’s the case, please make sure you’re on our email list and following PRSA Detroit’s social channels.

65 out of 69 members who filled out the survey said they would recommend PRSA Detroit to a colleague or friend. Here were some answers when asked why or why not:

  • Great networking opportunities
  • Good to establish contacts and PR community
  • PRSA offers a lot of opportunities to get involved once you join a committee and start connecting with new people. That said, you need to take initiative to seek it out. It’s helpful to have someone take you under their wing at first!
  • Still the top organization for our profession
  • If their function is solely PR, then yes. If their function is part of an integrated marketing team, then I would not recommend it
  • It is important to support our industry association, even if we don’t like all of the programs we can contribute to make it better
  • If they were looking to meet others in the industry, or pursuing new job opportunities, yes. Otherwise, probably not

What two or three things should PRSA Detroit do less of?

  • Sending out blasts one program per time. Would be great to see a “what’s coming” email of all upcoming events
  • Reduce the amount of programming but improve the quality (less is more sometimes)
  • Daytime events (evenings are best). However, others said less evenings
  • We need to engage more with other schools
  • Not less, but more balanced approaches to events/activities. Less of the same, like established companies, expand to more diverse approaches like startups and their stories in addition to career diversity
  • Early morning events
  • Let’s get creative in the way we share information; perhaps tours of facilities, more workshops where it is more hands-on, etc.
  • The basics
  • Events with complicated parking

Thank you again to the members who participated in this survey. This feedback helps us improve our PRSA Detroit chapter and provide more value to our members.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Feel free to email to: [email protected].

Please note, the information above is an accurate summary of the results from the survey. Any inappropriate information or information not directly related to membership benefits was omitted.



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