How to Stand Out in Your Holiday Marketing

By: Megan Bonelli

‘Tis the season for a killer holiday campaign. Yes, it’s that time of year again already… Time to find a way to tie in communications for the holidays/year-end. It seems there is no ‘new’ way to do this year after year but as PR pros it’s our job to ensure that we do. How do you make your campaign stand out above the rest?

Find a Human Element

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a small business, a huge corporation or anything in between, finding the human storytelling component is essential to creating holiday marketing that resonates with your audience. This means finding someone who benefits from the product, service, cause, etc. that you/your organization provides. Finding a piece of your values that means something to the consumers, patients, members, etc. that you want to target. It sounds simple, but can require research, surveying and more to ensure that you and your business are listening to what your ideal audience is saying. This means listening in on all platforms, and speaking to those opinions. Listen, focus on the human element and be a true storyteller. This will allow your holiday marketing to shine.

How are you rising above the holiday noise?

Megan Bonelli (formerly Peterson) is a Senior Account Executive at Franco, a national/Detroit chapter member of PRSA, Detroit PRSA blog committee chair and a PR volunteer for The Lake House in St. Clair Shores.

Feature picture from pexels