President’s Message: Maximize your ROI with PRSA

It’s been only a few short months since our annual meeting where Tom O’Connell and a litany of past presidents passed along the gavel to start my presidency. Since then, our leadership has worked hard to gain further alignment as to what we aim to accomplish in 2019 and beyond. In partnership with President-Elect Kim Eberhardt, Treasurer Sharon Tatom Garcia and Secretary Michelle Gilbert, we’d like to focus on the following themes:

  1. Create meaningful membership engagement
  2. Customized programming designed to help you excel at your current job and prepare for your next
  3. Strengthening our leadership within the board and our committees.

In 2019, I want to ensure you’re able to maximize your ROI with PRSA by doing the basics brilliantly. In short, I hope to make your membership worthwhile and valuable to your career or organization. So how are we going to do this?

Customized Programming

We will have a special emphasis on targeted programming for everyone from new pros to seasoned professionals; to specialized communicators who work in discrete areas of the profession such as investor relations, non-profit or social media; and those who work in various environments ranging from solo practitioner, to agencies and corporate. We have a full first quarter of quality content coming your way, so stay tuned to our website calendar for the latest opportunities!

Meaningful Membership Engagement

This year, we will also refresh our efforts on recruiting and welcoming new pros, to attract and keep students engaged in PRSA as they make the transition into full-time careers. We’ll do this while also activating our senior council to ensure we’re keeping you all engaged as well.

I hope we all feel like there is something available for us learn and share, so we go back to our daily craft feeling inspired and with a new sense of confidence and pride about what we do. And we will do this while ensuring the fundamentals of ethics, diversity and continuous learning are honored throughout.

So what can you do to help? Provide Feedback and Volunteer

While our teams will be hard at work building meaningful programs and networking opportunities for you to get the most out of your membership, there’s always room at the table to contribute.

We want to hear from you! In a survey earlier this year, we found you are most interested in networking, staying on top of PR trends and educational opportunities.  If you have feedback — we want to know. We can only serve you when we know how we can best address your needs. But we can’t stop there…

We need volunteers! We always need more support and treasure any time you’re willing to share to advance our profession and organization. What better way to feel ownership than to volunteer on one of our many committees. I can assure you – if you reach out to volunteer, you will not be turned away.

I look forward to an amazing 2019 with you all!

Megan Soule, APR is an assistant manager of advanced technology communications at General Motors and serves as the 2019 PRSA Detroit Chapter president. She is a proud alumna of Central Michigan University where she volunteers as the professional adviser for the Dr. Diane S. Krider Chapter of PRSSA.

Feature image: Pexels