4 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Company

As the business world becomes increasingly more digital, blogs are an essential way to connect with a brand’s audience. Whether it’s an opinion piece or industry-specific, a blog serves as an extension of the brand voice and messaging.  Here are ways that it could help your business grow.


Blogging offers companies a chance to showcase their personality. Not only does this help a brand stand out in front of competitors, but it also gives the audience a chance to engage with the content. People like to feel connected, not only online, but with a brand they associate with. The more blogs that are available for an audience, means a higher chance of increasing engagement rates and brand recognition.

Social Media Content

Every company has – or should have – social media channels. Adding a blog to a website only helps push social content. Writing blogs and promoting them on social media can increase brand recognition, while also offering the audience a variety of consumable content.

Create Credibility

When starting a branded blog, it’s important to make sure the topics are industry-specific. For example, if you represent a clothing brand, all topics should reflect the fashion industry in some way. Keeping a blog’s messaging on-brand is essential for creating credibility with an audience because it shows that your brand can be trusted.

Call to Actions (CTA)

Blogs offer a great opportunity to ask an audience questions. Not only does this reflect the personality of a brand, but it also engages readers. When people respond, it shows new viewers that your brand is engaging with its consumers, and often drives awareness. Including CTAs exhibits a brand’s interest to connect with its audience.


Above all, have fun telling the brand’s story. As long as blog topics are relevant, targeted and engaging, they can only help a brand. Remember, digital communication is an important way to connect with the world around you – be inspired to make a change.


Miranda Ferris is a Marketing Specialist at Michigan First Credit Union and a PRSA Detroit blog contributor. 


Feature image from Pexels