Get to Know John Austerberry: PRSA Detroit Award Recipient

Over the course of a career there are plenty of memorial events — landing your first “real” job, leading a project that succeeds spectacularly, getting that coveted promotion. But earning the respect of your peers and colleagues may be the most satisfying achievement when all is said and done.

That’s why receiving the Robert Hefty Distinguished Service Award and being inducted into PRSA Detroit Hall of Fame are a high point of pride and satisfaction for me. In some ways, these awards mean more to me than any achievements or honors associated with work I did “on the job” because these represent work I did on behalf of our profession and my fellow PR practitioners.

I was always proud to represent PRSA Detroit to the PR community locally and nationally. PRSA Detroit is widely acknowledged to be one of the best chapters in the nation, and that’s due largely to the vision, passion and creativity of our chapter leaders and volunteers.

Indeed, there are many PRSA Detroit members who have done as much — or much more — for the chapter than I have and they deserve recognition.

Nominate Someone Today!

So please take a few moments to reflect your time as a PRSA Detroit member and think about what makes membership valuable to you. And then think about who makes those things happen and then recognize that person with a nomination for one of the annual chapter awards. It may mean more to them than you will ever know.

John Austerberry, APR is retired and was formerly Manager of Communications at DTE Energy, and is a past PRSA Detroit Chapter President.