Tools and Resources For New PR Professionals

As a new PR professional, utilizing tools and resources is essential for continual learning. In an ever-changing field, the overall goal – media mentions, brand recognition and brand reputation – remain the same, but the methods that help us get there are constantly advancing.

Luckily, there are a multitude of resources, organizations and tools available to aid change. Here are some worth investing in.

Muck Rack

A company dedicated to finding journalists, monitoring news and building reports based on a brand’s campaign. If you’re looking to increase media mentions, this is a great place to start.

Google Alerts

If you’re looking to monitor PR trends, set up Google Alerts based off your organization’s keywords – like company name, location, and industry-specific terminology. As a free resource, Google serves as your eyes and ears in the media.


The Cliff Notes of the internet. Skimm writers focus on straightforward and factual blurbs for wide-ranging topics like politics, business and economics. Use this free resource as a way to keep up with current trends and events.

Ragan’s PR Daily

An industry hub that focuses on modern public relations. With content like how-to videos, blogs, e-books and career development think pieces, this resource will help you advance your skills while staying current on industry-specific developments.

PR Week

Looking for groundbreaking and controversial campaign news? Then PR Week is the blog for you. Its writers cover evolving communications, breaking news and campaigns.


A one-stop-shop for PR tools. Manage contacts, publish news and stories, and pitch new ideas – all on one platform! The company takes it one step further by offering a variety of online classes that cover topics like content creation and distribution, best practices, measurement and more.

Best of all, PRSA / PRSA Detroit are resources to you for the latest national/regional PR news. To find local networking and skill advancement opportunities, visit our calendar of events on the website.

Miranda Ferris is a Marketing Specialist at Michigan First Credit Union and a PRSA Detroit blog contributor. 

Image provided by Pexels