PRSA Detroit Sponsor Feature: SSDM

We wouldn’t be able to have such a powerful PRSA chapter without our sponsors. We give our thanks to all our sponsors and love highlighting their contributions to the community and our chapter. Here, we highlight sponsor SSDM after chatting with Laura Oliveto VP, Marketing and PR.

Tell us a little about your company (history, culture, vision etc.) 

Founded in 2008, SSDM is an integrated digital marketing agency focused on the customer journey. Our culture mirrors our core values and principles:

  • People first
  • Grow ourselves to grow others
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Radical transparency
  • Commitment to readiness
  • Aspire to team harmony

How does your team prioritize professional development?

Professional development totally supports one of SSDM’s core values, that of “growing ourselves to grow others.” Every team member is committed to continual learning and encouraged to attend conferences, classes and webinars to enhance their knowledge … a must in an industry where change happens daily. On our internal communications channels, articles are posted daily to share relevant information with each other to keep everyone “in the know.”

What’s the number one thing you want the PR community to know?

Digital strategies are complex and unique. If you’re struggling with a client request that involves digital or social media especially, we can help. We love to partner with other agencies on a project basis to round out their offerings and support their clients. Let us provide you with that expertise so you can satisfy client requirements.

Why is PRSA important to your organization?

PRSA excels at providing camaraderie, professional development and networking opportunities to its members and the PR community as a whole. Besides, it’s a great group of folks!

Where can people learn more? 

Visit our website, check us out on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), or give us a call at 248-629-9594.