PRSA Detroit Celebrates September: Ethics Month


Anyone with the right education can practice public relations, but what sets members of PRSA apart from the crowd? Ethics. All members of PRSA are bound by the same ethical code. This code includes the professional values of advocacy, honestly, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness.

In addition, as PRSA members, we believe in the free flow of information to maintain integrity in our professional relationships and with the public. Competition allows us to serve the public interest by providing a wide and diverse pool of practitioner options. Disclosure of information helps us to build public trust by being open and transparent. As PRSA members, we agree safeguard confidences to protect the privacy of our clients and organizations. We avoid conflicts of interest to enhance the trust and we enhance the profession through our ethical behavior and good works.

In 2019 we are still dealing with issues of transparency and Fake News as PR professionals. As a member of PRSA, we must navigate these issues using the PRSA professional values and code of conduct.

Next Steps

Do you want to know more about the values that drive our organization? PRSA Detroit offers the ethics quiz and Code of Ethics pledge so that you may show your commitment to ethical professional behavior. As the Chair of the PRSA Detroit APR committee, you can also demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence and ethics by becoming accredited in public relations. For more information on ethics and how you can demonstrate your commitment to ethical excellence, visit