President’s Message: PRSA Detroit Greets 2020 with Open Arms

In the early days of 2020, there has been no shortage of commentary on the significance of the new decade. From “best of” lists to personal and professional retrospectives on how life has changed since 2010. There is no question that our industry has changed and evolved in recent years. Delivering strategic communications counsel has never been more complex. As professionals, it is critical that we continue to evolve as well to meet the demands of modern communications.

Looking Ahead

As we set goals and look to the year ahead, PRSA Detroit will be squarely focused on delivering programs, experiences and opportunities that support our membership in their professional growth. That includes taking a critical look at how we support members and thinking more broadly about what it means to be a communications professional in today’s environment.

Our chapter volunteers gathered in December to plan for the upcoming year and explored “thinking big” about 2020. You will see that visionary thinking applied across the chapter programming and beyond.


PRSA Detroit celebrates its 75th anniversary this year – our diamond anniversary. This milestone presents the ideal opportunity to take pause, celebrate what we have accomplished and to look to the future. You will be hearing from us consistently throughout the year to ask for your feedback and determine how we can continue to remain an essential, relevant part of your professional journey. We ask that you be honest about our hits and misses – after 75 years – we are tough enough to take it.

I look forward to working with you all and growing our chapter together in an inclusive, thoughtful manner that reflects today’s public relations industry in Detroit. Cheers to 2020!

Kim Eberhardt is Account Director at Identity, a marketing and creative agency that leverages today’s Modern PR Mix to help clients tap into the true value and power of strategic communications. She has been a PRSA Detroit member for the duration of her professional career and serves as the 2020 chapter president. She holds a BA in journalism and an MA in public relations both from Michigan State University (Go Green!).