Make 2020 Your Year to Earn Your APR – PRSA Detroit

Whether for personal fulfillment, professional advancement or simply the “street cred” of those official letters, pursuing Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is well within your reach, and PRSA Detroit is here to help you. 

Before you consider earning Accreditation: remember #ittakesapro! The process is recommended for professionals with at least five years of experience in the full-time practice or teaching of public relations, and who earned a bachelor’s degree in a communications-related field or have equivalent work experience. (If you don’t meet these criteria and want to attempt the process anyway, no worries, any PRSA member in good standing can pursue Accreditation).

As the PR profession’s only national postgraduate certification program, the APR designation signifies a high level of skill and competency in the field and demonstrates a commitment to professional development to your current and future employer. The process itself builds, enhances and reinforces the fundamental knowledge of PR practice, making you a more skilled practitioner, and those who have pursued their APR have described the experience as enhancing their approach to project planning and execution.  

While many practitioners take a self-guided, solo approach, you do not have to earn your APR alone. PRSA National and PRSA Detroit both offer a variety of resources and the support of other professionals who have been through the trenches. From study guides to seminars and mentors to the APR committee members, the tools are at your disposal to set you on the path to succeed.

If you are still feeling a bit of trepidation about submitting your application, join the PRSA Detroit APR Committee for an overview webinar April 23, 2020 from noon to 1 p.m.

In the webinar, the APR Committee will overview the process, the Detroit Chapter’s APR timeline and the resources available to you in your pursuit. You don’t have to make a commitment to earning your APR to join the webinar, but you may feel compelled to do so afterward!


  • April 23 at noon: APR overview via call or webinar; details to be provided soon
  • June 10: For participation in the Detroit 2020 timeline, have your APR application turned in to PRSA National and alert PRSA Detroit that you’re going through the process. 
  • July 29: Panel presentation candidate questionnaires must be completed and turned in. 
  • Week of Aug. 10: Panel presentations will be scheduled. 
  • November (date TBD): Candidates who pass the APR accreditation process within the Detroit 2020 timeline are invited to join their PR peers to receive their APR pin at the Detroit Chapter’s annual meeting!


To register for the overview session, visit PRSA Detroit’s Accreditation page or contact Nancy Skidmore at [email protected].

For more information, visit or contact a member of the PRSA Detroit Accreditation committee listed below.


Kristin Sokul, APR, is a director at Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications. She serves as co-chair of the PRSA Detroit Chapter APR Committee.