PRSA ICON Day 2 Recap

The second day of ICON continued the celebration of diversity. Speakers, music and panels engaged in diversity discussion from many different perspectives.

Points made during the morning general session included:

  1. Challenge the status quo
  2. Engage in positive disruption
  3. Stand shoulder to shoulder with others
  4. Go where there is no fire and be the flame.

Lessons learned from the break out on Humanizing Communications: How to Create Thoughtful and Inclusive Narratives.

This breakout session focused on strategies to increase diversity in your organization.

  1. Rewrite your job description so that it focuses on the diversity you are looking for and not on experience attributes you are looking for.
  2. Pay your interns – Not everyone can afford to work for free, you will limit your pool of applicants and diversity if you do not pay.
  3. Build relationship with non-white and non-straight leaders that can help direct applicants to your organization.
  4. Find bias in your recruiting – Are you requiring experience such as agency experienced required? Not asking for specific experience can grow your pool of applicants that can increase diversity.
  5. Begin early – Reach out and interview potential applicants even before you have a opening so that you can build relationships with a diverse pool of applicants that can be tapped into when you are ready to hire.

The discussion provided a robust dialogue of reasons and success stories as to why increasing diversity can increase your clientele and bottom line.

Jennifer Day is the Great Lakes Regional Coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a long-time member of Detroit PRSA and will be joining the PRSA national board in 2021.