Three Ways to Market the Holiday With Your Messaging

The holiday season is upon us and when creating a marketing strategy consider the three Cs: Content, Creativity and Channels. Our clients are looking for marketing tips and promotion ideas that help them refine efforts to ramp up sales during the most profitable time of the year. We also need to do the same for our businesses. Here are three tips.

Content is Key:

You want to give customers real reasons to buy with the messages you share. The goal is to create competitive content that with help that business stand out above the rest. As PR strategist, we know that the consumer is bombarded with messages throughout the day, so we need to ask: what can we create that will get the attention of the holiday consumer? You might consider simplicity when writing those tag lines, social media posts and marketing materials. The old saying “sweet and simple” can be the effective approach. Create content that pops and can easily be remembered and repeated. For our own industry, the content we share can help us attract new members and retain them. The content we create should be informative, educational and beneficial.

Keep it Creative:

Customers are familiar with e-commerce campaigns as the method of shopping has been around for years. You want to be creative so the eyes don’t glaze over your messages. Content marketing helps brand a company and product. Think about the images and videos that will be used along with the words in the marketing materials. What colors, photos, and sound will create memorable messages? Colors have meaning and emotional ties. We need to give our own members creative ways to improve their own businesses. We can share video tips and start conversations that engage our own audiences.

Consider your Channels:

Creative content is wasted if not delivered on proper channels. As strategist, we need to know who the audience is and where we can find them. We need to know what channels reach the potential customers. When it comes to internet market, we consider Google, and all the social media platforms from a grassroots effort as well as paid campaigns. Our clients might consider offering customers more value, such as a gift guide for your various customer personas. This helps holiday shoppers see the big picture when it comes to your products. These channels are also used to reach our potential clients and stay engaged with our current membership via our website, newsletter and social media platforms.
A fourth C to consider when we approach our holiday marketing strategies is COVID-19. This pandemic has forced everyone to pivot in order to stay profitable and perform at a high level. As we are all learning to live with this virus and wait for viable treatments and vaccines, we will continue to adjust and create new ways to market our businesses and clients.

Vanessa Denha Garmo is the founder of Epiphany Communications & Coaching where she serves as a Communications Strategist, Content Creator and a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. She is a member of PRSA.

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