Rod Meloni — WDIV

Rob Meloni
Get to know Rod Meloni, business editor, WDIV-TV.

Why Bid on The Frank Beckmann Show?
Rod Meloni is the Emmy Award winning Business Editor of WDIV-TV and Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.  Meet with Rod and learn how to best work with him and the WDIV news team to best cover the business, automotive and personal finance beats.

More Details
PRSA Detroit reached out to a few of Detroit’s legendary members of the media to participate in our silent auction. Please bid to spend an hour with them, picking their brains about anything you’d like to know — the best way to pitch, trend stories they’re looking at and how the media landscape is affecting how they do their jobs.

The chapter will provide $20 to get you started and let you and the journalist agree to meet for an hour when and where it’s convenient for you both. If you win, meet for coffee, lunch or bring them into your workplace for a brown bag.